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Something about me:

I like investing. I was interested about this topic since I was young. I first bought stocks in small quantities when I studied high school Business Academy. My bachelor’s thesis was about Fundamental analysis of stocks. During my master’s studies I worked at Fio banka and I had limited opportunities to invest, which is why I choose the non-investment topic of my master’s thesis The project of developing scenarios for the Czech Republic’s readiness to join the eurozone. I studied a lot of materials about investing and I attended all available lectures connected with investing during my time at university.

During my life, I worked in different positions, I met various people and I survived unpleasant situations. I also tried build startup websites, but I am more successful investor than entrepreneur.


I like programming. After university I started to study this topic and I studied different programming languages. I developed easy Android apps like The Rule of Three with excelent user rating, but I was lazy to keep updates of this app, and because it did not generated money, I stopped publishing the app. I also developed website in PHP for rental offers on pohadkovebydleni.cz, but it last shortly from the same reason. After few years in full time job, where I improved myself in SQL SERVER and VBA, I started with programming WordPress websites and I created furniture comparator on this domain. I developed website for 100% Home Office jobs offer, blog about education and I operated website with SQL courses I prepared. After I cancelled my business, I stopped these websites. Even though websites are cancelled, I am glad I started to use and develop in WordPress, because it saves me a lot of time. Even though I have forgotten a lot of knowledge, it was mostly a pleasant time spent.

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